for the 2nd euro class: Ancient Rome


for november 5th
produce a small text (maxi. 15 lines) about the roman Gaul
- cities and monuments
- population (tribes)
- way of life ( local traditions and roman influences)

for the 1ère Euro class: Industrial Age


for nov. 5th: produce a short text (max 15 lines) on the subject you got by drawing lot, to share and t o present to the group.
subjects are:
- Victoria
-Florence Nightingale
- Henry Ford
- Robert Owen
- Charles Dickens
- The manufacturing inventions
- The growth of the industrial cities
- Travelling « over the pond »
- The London underground
- World fair / Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace, London, 1851
- The coal mining areas
- Irish migrations to the USA
- The british empire from 1800 to 1918

(enjoy the vacations!!)



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