2ème jour: on déménage!


nouvelle adresse pour ce blog car impossible d’inclure des videos dans ce format


for the 2nd euro class: Ancient Rome


for november 5th
produce a small text (maxi. 15 lines) about the roman Gaul
- cities and monuments
- population (tribes)
- way of life ( local traditions and roman influences)


for the 1ère Euro class: Industrial Age


for nov. 5th: produce a short text (max 15 lines) on the subject you got by drawing lot, to share and t o present to the group.
subjects are:
- Victoria
-Florence Nightingale
- Henry Ford
- Robert Owen
- Charles Dickens
- The manufacturing inventions
- The growth of the industrial cities
- Travelling « over the pond »
- The London underground
- World fair / Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace, London, 1851
- The coal mining areas
- Irish migrations to the USA
- The british empire from 1800 to 1918

(enjoy the vacations!!)



Our section


Our Euro Section has opened in september 2009. Pupils are given the opportunity to have 2 hours more in their weekly schedule: one for improving their English knowledges, one for working in History or geography by using english language.
The 1st year, we were having 29 pupils and 2 teachers: Ms Cartannaz and myself. In september 2010 we opened a second class for 31 pupils and 3 teachers: Ms Mosca, who has shared with the section a school trip in England for last spring, took part to the project.

We are working on culture, way of life, history, geography, news, music and entertainment… with a central aim: practice and improve our english!
We live in the Alps, a small town, Chambéry, not far from the well-known skiing sites…

mont blanc

Hello Everyone!


Welcome to that blog!

Ceci est le blog de la section européenne anglais du lycée Louis Armand de Chambéry
consultez le site de notre lycée pour mieux connaître notre section.

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